Terracon Partners with Keyano College to Support Local Students

November 2018

Terracon is pleased to announce its partnership with Keyano College in the support of local students enrolled in the Environmental Technology Diploma Program through the Terracon Geotechnique Lee Nichols Environmental Technology Scholarship. We are especially proud that as we celebrate our 35th Anniversary, the scholarship will be named in honour of Lee Nichols, Terracon's Founder and President. Lee and Terracon have operated in Fort McMurray for our entire history and are strong supporters of our community and Keyano College. Lee continues to be a mentor to many of our employees and enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for his profession.

Terracon maintains its own long standing commitment to employing students and graduates and providing them with practical field based experience in the region. Lee firmly believes that the community's young minds play a vital role in understanding and contributing to the responsible development of our natural resources and protection of our environment.

The scholarship announcement was presented to Lee and Keyano College at our recent 35th Anniversary celebrations. The Keyano Student Awards Night is being held at Keyano College on November 27 and we look forward to being there and celebrating the achievements of all the students and faculty.

Terracon Opens its New Downtown Calgary Office

September 2018

Terracon is pleased to announce the opening of our new downtown Calgary office. We believe our central location, situated close to many of our clients' head offices, is a critical element of our responsive client service while still enabling us to mobilize quickly to our project sites around western Canada. Further, our central location and modernized offices allows us to provide our employees with all the personal and professional conveniences of working downtown.

We'd like to thank all our employees, clients, subcontractors and suppliers in your continued support of our downtown Calgary office and we encourage you to stop in and visit our new location. Our new office is located at Suite 1610, 215 - 9th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1K3.

Jacob Rubenstein Appointed Vice President, Field Services

July 2018

Terracon is pleased to announce the appointment of Jacob Rubenstein as its Vice President, Field Services, effective July 6, 2018. Jacob has been with Terracon for over 12 years and has most recently served as Terracon's General Manager, Field Services. He has extensive field experience in construction services including construction monitoring, materials testing, instrumentation installation and monitoring, and drill monitoring/coordination, and has held various leadership roles within the construction services group including Supervisor and Operations Manager. As a long standing member of Terracon’s senior leadership team, Jacob plays a key role in Terracon’s strategic planning and business development while leading Terracon’s field services operations throughout Alberta and Western Canada.

Lee Nichols, President of Terracon, states, "Jake understands the critical inter-relationship between Engineering and Field Services and will continue to develop and expand Terracon's expertise in executing field projects. I am very proud of Jake's accomplishments and pleased to see another one of our employees internally promoted to a significant leadership role. I have no doubt that Jake will continue to build on his successes in leading our dedicated field teams and delivering premium field services to our clients."

Celebrating the Career of Sarah List

July 2018

After a remarkable and distinguished career, Sarah List has made the decision to retire as Terracon's Vice President, Field Services, effective July 5, 2018.

"For over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Sarah as a trusted advisor and colleague. I truly value the leadership and guidance that Sarah has provided to our team, and thank her for all her mentorship to our employees over these years. She has been instrumental in building Terracon into the diverse organization we see today.", states Lee Nichols, President of Terracon.

We would like to thank Sarah for all her efforts at Terracon, for her contributions to the Fort McMurray region, and to our industry. She is truly an inspirational leader and we will miss her. We wish her all the best in her retirement years.

Terracon Opens its Edmonton Area Office

April 2018

Terracon is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in the Edmonton area. We've operated permanent locations in Calgary and Fort McMurray over our 35 year history, and are now launching this new office to service our local clients in Edmonton and the surrounding region. We will be offering geotechnical engineering, geoscience, and field services out of our Nisku location in addition to a full service geotechnical lab offering soils, concrete and asphalt testing.

"This marks a significant milestone in our organization's history and is the culmination of significant efforts by our employees and cooperation from our regional clients.", states Lee Nichols, President of Terracon. "We've always prided ourselves on premium client service focusing on quality, responsiveness and safety in everything we do. This office is our commitment to our local clients and we look forward to continuing to service the development and operation of their projects in the region. I'd like to thank those Terracon employees who see our vision for the Edmonton area and will be working hard to earn and maintain our clients' trust."

Please check out our website for a full list of service offerings and please reach out to us to see how we can bring value to your projects.

Terracon Celebrates 35 Years

March 2018

We are pleased to announce that 2018 marks Terracon's 35th year in business. "Terracon was incorporated back in 1983 with a strong vision towards premium client service, technical excellence, and the highest regard for the safety and well being of our employees", says Lee Nichols, one of Terracon's founding partners who continues to lead its 140 employees as its President and Chairman.

Lee continues, "Over the years, our organization has evolved to adapt to the changing industry dynamics, but we firmly believe that these principles are foundational to our organization and have been built into everything we do. With all the career choices available, we are honoured that so many employees and Terracon alumni chose to work with us over the last 35 years - everyone has had a collective impact on our organization beyond their own individual achievements, and together we have forged a stronger company. Further, we remind ourselves every day that our clients have choices too, and to them, we are greatly appreciative of your business, and we are proud to have been a part of so many exciting projects over the last 35 years."

Every Terracon employee and alumni should be proud of the organization that we all have built, together, and we are looking forward to an even brighter future ahead.

Terracon releases its 2018 Oil Sands Lease Map and Safety Schedule

March 2018

Terracon’s annual Oil Sands Lease Map and Safety Schedule has been released. Each year Terracon Geotechnique publishes an up to date lease map in an effort to keep both our employees and clients apprised of the developments in the region.

In addition to the map, we include a calendar of our safety meetings. Each client employee is committed to attending a detailed safety meeting each month and we invite our clients to attend on site and to participate in helping us enhance and promote a positive safety culture. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please email us at terracon@terracon.ca.

Terracon welcomes Naser Mohamed

February 2018

Terracon is pleased to announce that Naser Mohamed, P.Eng has joined Terracon as our Vice President Engineering and Geosciences. Naser has over 22 years of experience in infrastructure, mining, and oil and gas, specializing in foundations, road/railway assessments and design, geohazard assessment, geotechnical quantities estimates, forensic investigations, site performance reviews and construction management. He has worked on a number of major projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and abroad.

Naser has held various technical and management roles throughout his career, and has a proven track record of leadership while demonstrating advanced technical skills in anticipating and solving complex engineering problems related to the pipeline, LNG, infrastructure, mining and oil and gas sectors. He will be responsible for leading Terracon's engineering and geoscience business and expanding our capabilities and expertise. Naser will be based in our Calgary office but working on projects around western Canada.

We are excited to have Naser join our organization, and we look forward to continuing to deliver engineering and geoscience solutions to projects around Western Canada.

CIM Calgary Honours Emmett Horne with its 2017 Award of Distinction

January 2018

Terracon is pleased to announce that one of its owners and retired Chief Geologist, Emmett Horne, has been honoured by the Calgary Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum with its 2017 Award of Distinction. The award honours members who have made significant contributions to the industry over their career.

Emmett's career has spanned a remarkable 50 years, 29 of which with Terracon. Lee Nichols, President of Terracon, stated, "Emmett and I first met when we were starting our careers in the iron ore mining business in Labrador, and we continued to work together in Alberta's oilsands and beyond in the early 1970's until his retirement in 2013. Emmett has played a significant geological consulting role working with clients to understand and responsibly develop their resources. Throughout his career, Emmett has been an integral part of Terracon's leadership team, and has always lead by example through demonstrating his patience, professionalism, and entrepreneurial spirit, or just by spending countless days in the field working with our younger professionals and our clients. Emmett is very deserving of this award and it is a testament to his dedication to his profession." Emmett also is celebrating 50 years of continous membership in the CIM this year, which is quite an accomplishment.

We congratulate Emmett on this award and are grateful for all his contributions to the profession.


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