Indigenous Engagement and Awareness

Our Philosophy

Terracon believes in strong and authentic working relationships with the communities in which we operate. We respect the traditions, culture, and values of Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) communities. We strive to build awareness of the communities we work in and the social and economic implications of industry on those communities. We respect the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of Indigenous people and the rights of those communities to develop their own economy. We seek opportunities to better understand those communities and working collaboratively with them.

Our Approach

We strive to understand the Indigenous communities we work in so that we better understand how our business impacts those communities, what we can do to mitigate any negative impacts, and how we can find amazing and mutually beneficial opportunities to work together.

We strive to obtain new perspectives from Indigenous communities, and integrating new ideas and perspectives into our business.

We build and support social, environmental, economic and cultural awareness of Indigenous communities to help our employees, clients, subcontractors, and stakeholders better understand and engage the communities they work in.

We seek to build authentic relationships in the Indigenous communities we work in by maintaining active and knowledgeable representation with those communities and welcoming those from Indigenous communities into our business.

We will seek to support and participate in local Indigenous cultural events to build our awareness of their cultures, values and traditions.

We will recruit and retain Indigenous employees to provide fairer representation of the people that make up the local communities we work in, and we will provide career development opportunities so that our organization’s leadership group fairly reflects the communities in which we work.

We will procure goods and services from Indigenous owned companies where practical to support and represent the people that make up the local communities we work in.

We will actively participate in organizations that promote and support the development of Indigenous economic development.

We will seek mutually beneficial business partnerships with Indigenous people and Indigenous owned companies who can complement our client service offerings. This will create stronger and more successful projects for our clients, will raise awareness of local community businesses, respect Aboriginal and Treaty rights and the rights of those communities to develop their own economy.

Our Goal

We will continue to be a transparent organization and will reflect the communities in which we work. Our employees, clients, subcontractors and stakeholders will gain a greater awareness of Indigenous communities and impacts our industry has on those communities, and they will join us in building our Indigenous awareness and engagement initiatives.


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