Mine and Tailings Engineering

Terracon’s mine development capabilities include pre-feasibility, feasibility and engineering studies. Mining method selection, mine layouts, ore/waste schedules, ore transport and blending, capital and operating cost estimates, manpower, power distribution and infrastructure have formed the basis for these studies. Physical elements such as operating and ultimate slopes, mine dewatering, ore blending systems, waste dumps and tailings facilities are defined to appropriate detail in light of their influence on costs. Economic sensitivities to capital requirements, ore reserves, commodity prices, royalties, fuel costs, transportation costs and environmental liabilities are demonstrated.

In addition to financial optimization, sensitivity studies also identify key data deficiencies prior to project commitment. Engineering investigations have been undertaken for the energy, metal and industrial mineral sectors. Mine planning studies have encompassed several mining methods including, truck and shovel, draglines, and continuous mining systems such as bucket wheel excavators and cutter dredges. Tailings facilities have been designed for small volume impoundment structures capable of handling waste from pilot plants to very large structures with capacities of millions of cubic metres of waste per year. Optimum design of these facilities demands strict controls on costs, embankment safety and ultimate reclamation.

  • Mine Development Planning
  • Tailings Planning (site selection, geotechnical investigations)
  • Tailings Management Framework Consultation
  • Tailings Support Services; including Sampling, Instrumentation Installation, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Haul Road Design
  • Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Regulatory Reporting (data collection, interpretation and reporting)


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