Geological Services

Resource development and construction of industrial facilities consistent with environmental awareness, requires a comprehensive understanding of site geological conditions. Our geological investigations range from “stand alone” programs such as grass roots exploration and lease evaluation to “support role” programs for engineering design and environmental studies. Our investigative techniques encompass proven innovative subsurface sampling methods, in-situ testing, remote sensing, geochemistry, and surface and borehole geophysics. Strict sampling protocols, and Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs are tailored to the conditions and objectives of each project. Our geological interpretive techniques utilize recognized methods in stratigraphic and structural geology, as well as appropriate mathematical tools and mapping software.

  • Quaternary and Surficial Geology Characterization
  • Resources Investigations and Estimation; including Granular Resource Licencing and Fieldwork
  • Geological Modeling and Mapping, including Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Core Description and Drill Program Management, Coordination and Monitoring
  • Oil Sands Reserve Evaluation and Confirmation
  • Mining Production Geology
  • Geohazard Assessment
  • Cap Rock Investigations
  • Reporting (National Instrument, AER, BCMEM)
  • Specialized Formation Studies in the Athabasca Region
  • Data Management, Mapping, Interpretation (legacy and current data)


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