Terracon Recognizes September 30 as a National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

September 2021

Terracon marks September 30 as a National Day for Truth & Reconciliation. September 30 honours the children and survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. We believe that an important step in reconciliation is a public commemoration of this painful history of our country and the continuing impacts of residential schools.

The following excerpt is from the Government of Canada's website:

There were 140 federally run Indian Residential Schools which operated in Canada between 1831 and 1998. The last school closed only 23 years ago. Survivors advocated for recognition and reparations and demanded accountability for the lasting legacy of harms caused. These efforts culminated in:

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission ran from 2008 to 2015 and provided those directly or indirectly affected by the legacy of the Indian Residential Schools policy with an opportunity to share their stories and experiences. The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation has become the permanent archive for the statements, documents and other materials the Commission gathered, and its library and collections are the foundation for ongoing learning and research.

The Commission released its final report detailing 94 calls to action. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a direct response to Call to Action 80, which called for a federal statutory day of commemoration.

Terracon invites all our employees to take the time today to reflect on this important day, and to think about how each of us, as individuals, can do our own part to bring meaning and purpose to Canada's collective path towards truth and reconciliation. Employees are invited to take a paid wellness day to commemorate the day and if they are unable to do so, take a future day of work off to spend time reflecting. Terracon also will be making a donation to a local Indigenous community program or school as part of our own path towards truth and reconciliation. On this day Terracon recommits to our goals of Indigenous Awareness and Engagement, and working with our Indigenous and Métis partners to find meaningful ways to work together in the communities we operate.

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Terracon's 2021 Oil Sands Lease Map and Safety Schedule is now Available

January 2021

Terracon's annual Oil Sands Lease Map and Safety Schedule has been released. Each year Terracon publishes an up-to-date lease map in an effort to keep both our employees and clients apprised of the developments in the region.

In addition to the map, we include a calendar of our monthly safety meetings. Each employee and is committed to attending a detailed safety meeting each month and we invite our clients to attend on site and participate in helping enhance and promote a positive safety culture. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please email us at bids@terracon.ca.


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